Industries We Serve


    Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

    Melonleaf reflects the optimum use of Salesforce in the fastest and the most technologically advanced field of the world. Salesforce features serve the purposes of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry by various means like automating processes, building patients profiles and developing a network that makes it easier for patients to get treatment. Melonleaf also empowers healthcare and pharmaceutical industries as Salesforce ensures getting new products in the market faster, turning valuable data into desirable outputs and pharmaceutical companies to collaborate across the entire ecosystem.


    Melonleaf extends the benefits of Salesforce in the field of education, by focusing on creating collaboration within the various processes of the system. Melonleaf focuses on the institutions by creating a network that makes education approachable and beneficial for students through advantages offered by various tools of Salesforce. Melonleaf ensures the streamlining of recruitments, admissions, student experience, enhancement and institution operations. Melonleaf paves the path for education institutions to design a blueprint for their future students based on their interests and further creating a blueprint for their academics that is technologically sound and accurately developed. 



    The sector of finance is made smarter by resolving its complexities through tools and solutions offered by Salesforce that are seamlessly integrated by Melonleaf. The purpose of Melonleaf is to present the usage of Salesforce through systems that have specialised purposes that ensure benefits to financial companies and organisations in various aspects. Financial institutions are made smarter and well informed by creating enriched customer experience, creating customer profiles and addressing specific needs of the customers. Designing accurate customer models helps the finance companies not only understand their market but also develop solution oriented approaches and bring these insights into action. 

    Real Estate

    Melonleaf works for the real estate sector by creating a roadmap from challenges to customer conversion with tools designed by Salesforce to handle each milestone throughout this journey. Salesforce offers a common platform where processes like project management, property management, customer management, inventory management, agent management, quality inspection, and vendor management and many others are brought together and can work together collaboratively. Melonleaf highlights these processes so that the real estate companies can identify high ticketing customers that directly reflect in revenue generation.

    Real Estate


    Melonleaf contributes to smarter sales by bringing together the features of Salesforce and the process challenges faced by automobile industries. Integrating the systems and tools of Salesforce to address the challenges of the automobile industry is one of the aims of Salesforce. Melonleaf guides automobile based companies to integrate Salesforce in their operating systems to enhance deals, improve client experience, guide sales and design a well-defined funnel for launches. Salesforce also facilitates AI and predictive analysis to create targeted campaigns for customers and Melonleaf customises these benefits according to your business goals. 

    Media and Entertainment

    Salesforce has developed tools that not only understand the processes involved in creating success in the media and entertainment sector but also develop a system that guides them to create a system that will have a lasting effect in the media and entertainment industry. The sections of Salesforce that empower the media and entertainment industry are customised and tailored to the needs of specific companies by Melonleaf by carefully studying and putting together a system of Salesforce that will deliver optimum results. Melonleaf ensures the research and results find a common ground and deliver enhanced results through the technology put forth by Salesforce. 



    Melonleaf focuses on bringing out the best in softwares with Salesforce by automating processes, enriching procedures and providing solutions that enhance results. Solutions provided for softwares include a customer base that has accessibility from anywhere in the world, tracking of live data, managing analytics and increasing accuracy. Melonleaf plays a role in making necessities of software companies meet the solutions provided by Salesforce to facilitate the best result for the end user.

    Retail and Ecommerce

    Retail and Ecommerce can reap the benefits of Salesforce tools and systems by easily integrating them into their current operating network with Melonleaf. Salesforce creates a unified shopping experience by offering in multiple forms like web, mobile, and stores. These can be achieved through artificial intelligence that facilitates a personalized shopping experience that offers the best customer satisfaction as well as optimizes the shopping channel. While Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers both B2C and B2B businesses a world-class platform ideal for eCommerce integration.