Other CRM Services


    Zendesk CRM Implementation

    With our expertise in this core field, we help you generate more revenue CRM strategies that convert your conversations into conversions. In design and scaling, we give the ZENDESK implementation and personalized CX strategy that delivers a variety of tools and information they require right in the ZENDESK interface. With fewer clicks and high efficiency, your agents can support centre interactions with customers without exiting the sales CRM interface. With intelligent and skill-based routing, each customer gets assigned with the best available agent with proficiency and his skills to solve the problems. It can also eliminate time delays, cut costs and expands as your business requirements increase.

    Pipedrive CRM Implementation

    At Melonleaf, we deliver Pipedrive Implementation to boost the power of this CRM platform to manage leads and deals. Besides, you can track communications and deep dive into metrics and more. You can start with Pipedrive CRM and increase productivity and communicate with each of your clients seamlessly. To maximize the output, our consultants customize the settings as per your needs and requirements and ease the accessibility to tools. The uniqueness of this CRM is customization to bring the best results, and it can ultimately run your business efficiently. Its simplicity makes it easy to adapt to your business quickly and precisely.


    Hubspot CRM Implementation

    Be present when you are bringing new leads into your enterprise. Hubspot is the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in today’s times because it just provides the exact data in just a few clicks. It manages your sales pipeline, logs sales activities. Besides, it delivers you the sales team insights which would precisely help to make the decision. Hubspot provides seamless transaction of the data from marketing to sales, and from sales to marketing, and it delivers the exactly required information to respective teams and shows it on the interface. We implement this CRM with customized features which suit your only business and evolve as your business growth expands.