Remote Staffing & Outsourcing


    Salesforce Developers

    Melonleaf facilitates hiring of Salesforce Developers who will independently work on projects and provide valuable contributions in making you reach the goals you have envisioned. When you work with Salesforce Developers from Melonleaf, you have the flexibility and freedom over the development process they undertake for your company. Moreover, Melonleaf offers various features like hiring models, shortlisting on basis of requirement, interviewing and choosing from a variety of Salesforce Developers. The advantage of hiring Remote Salesforce Developer from Melonleaf comes with its own set of benefits like certified Salesforce Developers, expert assistance, easy hiring process and top notch talent. Melonleaf also assures 24 by 7 service, flawless communication and secure environment which makes the whole process even more accurate! 

    Salesforce Administrators

    Melonleaf understands that when you are looking for Salesforce Administrators there are a series of requirements that a particular candidate needs to tick off. Salesforce Administrators not only need to be efficient but also need to know the business in and out to offer custom business development consultancy. At Melonleaf we address these requirements by connecting you with Salesforce Administrators who undertake responsibilities like an approval process, field-level security, organization-wide settings and are process builders. Working with Salesforce Administrators selected through Melonleaf provides you an upper hand as you can choose the candidate through an easy hiring process as well as their expertise in tools that ensure seamless communication! 


    Salesforce Specialized Test Engineers

    Melonleaf relates with the need for experts Salesforce Specialized Test Engineers as that builds the foundation and reputation for your company. Melonleaf provides the prerequisites you are looking for in a Salesforce Specialized Test Engineer who not only understands his role but goes beyond it to enhance and develop a business that relates to the masses and most importantly your target audience. When you associate with Melonleaf we assure you that the hiring process is totally flexible as well as tailored to offer you the best Salesforce Specialized Test Engineer in the talent market. We make sure the Salesforce Specialized Test Engineer provides solutions that are specific to your business with their set of skills and years of experience.