Salesforce Cloud Implementation

    Sales Cloud

    Salesforce Sales Cloud

    Melonleaf offers Salesforce Sales Cloud integration services for your business with an aim to provide numerous benefits for your business. Right from creating personalized experiences for buyers to establishing flawless connectivity between data and results, Salesforce Sales Cloud can be implemented to do it all. Melonleaf bridges the gap between stored data and utilization of data to enhance the execution sector of sales and even eliminates mundane administrative tasks through automation tools. Melonleaf’s Salesforce Sales Cloud integration services will transform your business at every step by features like managing end-to-end tasks processes, minimizing operational costs and many such sales to marketing related tasks.


    Custom Solution Development

    The experts at Melonleaf provide unique and customized solutions suitable for your business using Sales Cloud.


    Migration to Sales Cloud

    Melonleaf consultant will guide you to migrate your business from your existing system to Sales Cloud with quick and effective services.


    Migration to Salesforce Lightning

    Reap the benefits of Salesforce Lightning as the experienced experts from Melonleaf become the torch bearers for your business


    CPQ Integration

    Creating a business that is fast paced and reaches globally can be created by streamlining configure, price, quote process where Melonleaf consultants will be with you in every step of the way.


    Integration of Sales Cloud

    Choose best Salesforce Implementation Services as Melonleaf assures seamless integration of your existing system with Sales Cloud to maximize desired results with this flawless collaboration.


    Sales Cloud Analytics

    Benefiting from the features of Sales Cloud Analytics will assure better predictions and help is closing better deals. By choosing Melonleaf you open the door to newer and far better deals!

    Salesforce Service Cloud

    Melonleaf provides an opportunity for streamlining tasks for your customer service agents that leads them to take evolved and profitable decisions in a shorter amount of time. Melonleaf’s Salesforce Service Cloud Consultants help you create an internal network that allows seamless sharing of customer data and designing a platform that keeps customer experience as top priority. Give your sales team the tools that will take the sales game a notch up with features of Salesforce Service Cloud to create quality business. Melonleaf experts provide the perfect guidance to use Salesforce Service Cloud to save on time, money and other resources, effectively!



    Omni Channel assures improved customer service and helps in tracking workloads and backlogs as well

    Community 360

    Community 360 allows customers to save their valuable time as it provides information like assets, products, contracts, orders even before contacting the customer service.

    Lightning guided engagement

    Creates system required for call scripting and setting up standard procedures for customer service.

    Service Cloud Mobile

    Used to close cases while working away from desks and right from desktops while focusing on providing support.

    Einstein Bots

    Your company experts can focus on complicated tasks as repetitive ones are managed by Einstein Bots.



    Can be used for translation activities without switching back to Classic along with an area for comparison between the original and the translated script.

    Service Cloud

    Salesforce Community Cloud

    Salesforce Community Cloud creates a platform which acts as a connection between your customers, employees and partners. Melonleaf’s Salesforce Community Cloud experts open gates to profitables features like customer engagement, employee productivity as well as community building. Salesforce Community Cloud not only enhances the speed of closing valuable deals but also deals with activities like connecting to distributors, making purchase decisions and increased retention rates of customers. Melonleaf Salesforce Community Cloud experts guide you in creating a network of all these tasks and build a community that fits into your business ecosystem which has a lot of underlying benefits of the overall business model.

    Salesforce Healthcare Cloud

    Salesforce Healthcare Cloud emphasis on creating effective communication in the doctor-patient relationship. The benefits of Salesforce Healthcare Cloud enhance patient experience as well as build a system that allows doctors to work more accurately. The features of Salesforce Healthcare Cloud are managed by experts at Melonleaf to suit your business that undertake processes like delivering better care, transforming member relationships and attracting more patients. Salesforce Health Cloud also enhances services like patient-centric innovations, personalized care which all result in providing better outcomes. Melonleaf’s Salesforce Healthcare Cloud provides caregivers a platform to improve digital engagement and interactions that lead to better treatments in the future too!


    Revenue Cloud

    Revenue Cloud allows sales reps to quote prices quickly and accurately which when managed with the offerings Melonleaf has to portray, makes Revenue Cloud’s functionality effective. The elements and functions of Revenue Cloud helps in making sales decisions that leads to faster goal achievement as well as quality deals. Revenue Cloud when managed professionally by Melonleaf reflects on sales by guiding you to make impactful business decisions generated through accessory tools. Melonleaf understands how sales activities can be integrated and handled to give optimum results. Revenue Cloud allows the ease of accessing softwares that is easy to use that is easily available on all platforms due to their cloud based nature.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud management services from Melonleaf specialize in creating a personalized experience for every customer which enhances the power of marketing of your business. The features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud include tracking of customer actions which leads to closing of deals in a smarter and faster way as well as enhances customer experience towards your services. Melonleaf bridges the gap between customer requirement and business potential through automated marketing cloud services, all managed seamlessly! The major goal of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is creating predictive analysis that will benefit marketing collaterals of your business greatly.


    Salesforce Data Studio

    Provides opportunity to discover brand new audiences by expanding reach with targeted audiences.

    Email Studio

    Guides in creating personalized emails with increased engagement with the audience as well as tracks analytics of these emails.

    Mobile Studio

    Ideal for promotions through push messages sent out at strategic timings to keep customers engaged.


    Salesforce DMP

    Capture and analyze consumer data with Salesforce DMP Marketing Cloud service which acts as a data management platform.

    Journey Builder

    Create coordinated customer journeys with tools like emails,triggers and advertising based on customer behaviour.

    Interaction Studio

    Get to know your customer interactions through various platforms by knowing their real time behaviour.

    Pardot Implementation

    Pardot Implementation facilitates automation of marketing with various offerings that Melonleaf specialize in. Techniques like targeted email campaigns,lead management and email automation for B2B sales and marketing organizations. By eliminating manual tasks like tracking,campaigns and converting them into automated tasks. This software as a service marketing automation platform provides valuable information regarding customer behaviour which results in terms of revenue generation. Pardot Implementation done by Melonleaf will provide consumer information acquired across various platforms that provide tailored details about all consumers. The elements of pardot implementation make it ideal to follow business processes for a result and report oriented approach.


    Lead Management

    Assistance in reaching the right audience at the right time to generate more ROI through customer engagement.

    Personalized Email Marketing

    Curating personalized emails written with impactful designs and ideal to create more engagement.

    Salesforce Engage

    Using tools like campaigns, reports and alerts to bring customized buying experience to your consumers.

    ROI Reporting

    Understand analytics showcasing the correlation between performance of Pardot Implementation and marketing campaigns.

    Landing Pages and Smart Forms

    Making marketing more interesting with interactive forms and impactful landing pages that create more consumer engagement.

    Organic and Paid Search

    Establishing a single platform to manage SEO and SEM by using Pardot Implementation along with Google Adwords.

    Pardot Einstein

    Enhance the power of Artificial Intelligence that builds marketing and sales campaigns.

    Sales Alignment

    Respond to potential clients on priority basis by aligning your sales with Pardot Implementation.