Salesforce Integrations Services


    Custom REST / SOAP Web Services

    When you are associating with a new system the task of integration can be overwhelming and most of the time extensive. Melonleaf makes the process of integration with Simple Object Access Protocol and Representational State Transfer seamlessly! Our services at Melonleaf create a bridge between your current system and the systems you want to upgrade to while making sure this transition is done with utmost care and accuracy. While taking precautions to make these integrations without any flaw, our experts also make it a point to enhance and add extra touch of leveling up as the outcome of this integration.

    Salesforce CTI Integration

    Eliminating the requirement of CTI adapters with Open CTI, you get the access to directly make calls to Salesforce. The CTI implementation makes the integration of Open CTI possible with Salesforce through the Salesforce Call Center tool. Melonleaf undertakes the CTI implementation by closely studying and eliminating the patterns of the old system that no longer resonate with the requirements of your business and help you overcome them with Salesforce CTI Integration. The experts at Melonleaf ensure the Open CTI integration takes place after taking into account the desired result and designs a solution-oriented approach during the whole process. 


    Marketing Automation Integration

    Marketing Automation Integration empowers businesses to ensure the integration with other platforms is enabled through tools where the role of Melonleaf comes into the picture. Melonleaf specializes in providing Marketing Automation Integration that creates a friendly software ecosystem. Melonleaf emphasizes creating a seamless process that ensures Marketing Automation Integration that allows you to build an excellent marketing funnel that directly reflects in revenue generation for your business. At Melonleaf we aim at providing solutions for your business that allow tools to be easily utilized for specific requirements through Marketing Automation Integration that is tailored according to the need of your business. 

    Salesforce – AWS Integration


    Salesforce – Google API Integration

    Products Integration

    We help you in choosing the best products for your business growth. With two-way synchronization products, you can easily access the data and change when required, and changes will be shown in real-time. The automation of the business brings the smooth curve of your growth and increases productivity at the workplace. The integration of products in Salesforce boosts the performance and eases the whole process of sales documentation, aligning data, invoicing, media insights and much more.


    Now, each product has its uniqueness which helps in workflow and manages the ecosystem of your business. The more you automate your business, the smoother it runs the better.


    Salesforce – Quickbooks

    When it comes to business profitability and growth, we believe in providing the best solutions because Quickbooks allows each business to align their sales and revenue generation with a unified approach. With us, Installing Quickbooks is easy, the transaction of data is smooth. You can opt whether you choose to read-only or read-write permission framework for your workplace. With two way synchronization, you get the speed to interact within the system. And, you resolve the discrepancies, missing addresses, eliminating double data entry of customers, copying and pasting in Salesforce. Now, with a few clicks, you can fix it with QuickBooks. Generating Invoices and tracking them live has never been this easy because it empowers your teams to create on time and send it.

    Salesforce – Zapier

    With Zapier Integration, we derive the opportunities to communicate and share the data between two applications and bring expected results. Your business requires the latest technology to work faster and automate when there are tools such as Zapier. We help you achieve this feat by integrating Zapier into your business. A new customer joins your business, and now you want to include them in your target audience and send them marketing emails daily or weekly. To do this job, you need integration with your Gmail account. With Zapier, you can integrate Gmail, Paypal, Hubspot, Twitter and other accounts, you can do it in a few clicks away. This reduces the cost of your third party applications and also speeds up the process. Zap is a keyword used for workflow which connects your applications seamlessly in Salesforce.


    Salesforce – Mulesoft

    Mulesoft provides integration from small to larger businesses which help them achieve their targets easily. Integrating new technologies in the old and established businesses has been easy now with simple plug-and-play features. It is middleware technology that brings communication layers between two systems, now it works like a bidirectional flow. Since it’s Java-based middleware solution which brings to notice that it’s reliable and scalable as your business grows. We provide you with the integration to inherit the properties of the digital transformation and a centralized platform for interaction between legacy systems and SaaS platform- Salesforce which opens new gateways into your business.

    Salesforce – Pandadocs

    Businesses are finding their way to the cloud. It always occurs that Sales documentation is always last to make it in the whole process. Now, we bring the integration of Pandadocs. The integration with Salesforce boosts the speed of sales document creation, sharing, products, pricing and many more facilities. To accelerate each stage of the documentation, we integrate the Pandadocs into your Salesforce so that it brings flexibility in the work and consumes less time in managing the document. In business, Pandadocs helps you with proposals, quotes, contracts, payments and more features. It simplifies the whole documentation process by putting these into preset templates given by the Pandadocs.


    Salesforce – DocuSign

    With digitization, Docusign helps you get away from Paperwork to electronic signatures that become easy for the business and their respective clients. In the 21st century, Docusign enables Salesforce users to approve the agreements, contracts and other documents which require the signature of an authorized person. It has 700,000 customers, millions of subscribers that shows the popularity of this application and fulfills the requirement for clients and businesses alike. It also sends the status of the agreement, negotiation, and signature between both parties. Also, it tracks the whole process from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. We integrate Docusign to bring adaptability into the business so you can run it seamlessly and save time.

    Social Media Integration

    Businesses need to showcase their social media presence to gain more customers and get a 360-degree view that you sell your products and communicate seamlessly. Business needs to discover content that is most engaging in the domain of the product which connects personally and brings excellent customer experience. Integration of social media into the business has become the necessity of today. We integrate social media into your business to track your growth and visibility. With the help of insights of different platforms, you can analyze and predict the nature of your audience and provide so your team can communicate well with them. Relationships with customers online bring participation and encourage them to talk about your business.